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Each year approximately 11 million tons of waste asphalt roofing shingles are generated in the United States . Currently, most of this waste goes into landfills – that is over 15 million barrels of oil every year. At SPT, we are fueling the sustainability drive and have developed a way to reuse 100% of this material and at the same time significantly reduce your costs!

The average home contains about 3-4 tons of roofing shingles which is over 6 barrels of oil! Help keep this material out of landfills by making sure your roofing shingles are recycled and reused.

bullet Conserves natural resources by reducing virgin fossil fuels use including oil & coal
bullet Conserves landfill space and minimizes waste stream entering landfills
bullet Reduces carbon footprint for coal-fired power plants & cement kilns
bullet Reduces cost of Hot-Mix Asphalt
bullet Improves asphalt road performance
bullet Reduces cost for shingle waste disposal
bullet Supports green building projects for LEED credits